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Computer Repairs Crawley Computer Centre

At Crawley Computer Centre we offer a comprehensive repair service in our fully equipped workshop based in Crawley for all your computer repairs.

The first thing we will carry out is a full diagnostic that will check the health of the pc by testing the main components within your computer including power supply (PSU), Hard drive, DVD Drive, memory, processor and motherboard.

The hard drive test will scan for bad sectors which can cause problems such as BSOD (blue screen of death), Freezing, Crashing and non – booting of windows. Sometime`s a bad sector can be repaired but this can be only a short term fix. The only true fix is to save data where needed and replace the drive and reload the operating system providing you have a valid licence.

We then scan the memory modules for errors as this too can cause similar faults like a bad sector on a hard drive. A faulty memory module can cause corruption of your data as the information is stored in memory before being written to the hard drive. Faulty memory is easily replaced dependent of which type you have installed, we try to stock most types of memory.

Once the hard drive, memory, PSU and DVD drive is checked we then inspect the motherboard for damage or worn components. We will then proceed to clear the dust that can cause overheating and causing random shut downs, the processor (CPU) is cleaned and new thermal paste is applied and we check the fan is working correctly.

Once we complete the hardware checks we continue to assess the software for signs of corruption, infection and missing drivers or service packs all of which will affect the performance of your system.

When we completed the diagnostic service and the hardware has passed but find issues with the software we would suggest a health check service that will deal with software faults that we found during the diagnostic check.

The health check will scan and clean any infections detected, Install any missing service packs and missing updates for windows. We also check for updates for adobe reader, adobe flash, adobe air, java and Silverlight and remove any fake software that will have a negative effect on your pc.

We will recommend an internet security package if you don’t have one installed which will offer better protection than free offerings that many people use.

If the computer is very badly infected or corrupted the health check service may not be able to correct the problems we would than recommend a full reload of windows which would involve wiping windows and all data from the hard drive and then re installing the version of windows your system came with. We can also quote to save your data before we wipe the hard drive.

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Just had my computer overhauled at Crawley Computer Center. Excellent, fast service and excellent value for money! I am very pleased with the work that was done to my laptop. I would recommend them to anyone thinking of having work done on their computer. Thank you Barry and team.
Mel P Ansell
I wanted to email you to thank you for recovering my data from a failed SD card. I was very concerned i had lost my childrens birthday, first day at school and my sisters wedding from the last month or so. The service was very quick well explained and I am over the moon that I can view all the pictures!

Many thanks again
James Chase
Just had my computer overhauled at Crawley Computer Center. Excellent, fast service and excellent value for money! I am very pleased with the work that was done to my laptop. I would recommend them to anyone thinking of having work done on their computer. Thank you Barry and team.
Mel P Ansell
Just to say a big thank you for fixing my laptop today in 2 hours! totally impressive – I really thought I would be without it for days…. I will definitely be recommending you. Thanks again for getting me back up and running so quickly.
Clare Irving
I had a nasty virus on a Dell Laptop that completely trashed the OS and I didn’t have the original installation disks. Thanks to you it was sorted in no time. Thanks very much for coming to the rescue and rebuilding my machine. Very quick and a great service.
Brian Hitchen
Dear Barry May I thank you – and Austin – for ‘going the extra mile’ for my 90-year old mother today, Friday. So very much appreciated. and she’s very happy now to be ‘cyber-connected’ back with everyone. I’ll pick up up the receipt somtime early next week, if that’s OK. Best regards
Well I am so pleased with my new pc it has now converted me from PC world to Crawley Computer Centre as they vwill be my local fix it shop now… Thanks Guys for great service
Charlie Paddington
Check this out !! We all think we know all there is to know about computers RIGHT !

WRONG!! There was i 8000 miles away in sunny Vietnam and to save on baggage i decided to take my Dell Notebook laptop rather than the normal one i use..

I only had one chance here as i were setting up a cctv monitoring station and was imperative that i had wireless on my laptop So i switched on and was looking for the wireless networks but there was none..well we knew it was there but after various engineers trying for over an hour my heart sank. I called my computer guys at the Crawley Computer Centre and told them my fate..He asked me if i could get on to the internet and i did via a cable.

I logged into to their website and with remote assistance he was then able to operate my laptop..”Spooky A ! ” Hey bloody presto not 30 seconds later it was all fixed..

So next time you have a problem, “remember” you only know about 2% of how they work and think “Crawley Computer Centre”
thanks guys
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