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Meet The Team

Meet The Team | Crawley Computer

meet-the-team-1Hi I’m Paul I bring a wealth of experience to Crawley Computer Centre with over 20 years experience in computer retail and repairs. I started in a computer retail store in Crawley town centre many years ago and moved on from there to a much larger company. I also turned my hand to pub management for a while but computers were my passion. I deal with all the PC and laptop repairs.  In Paul’s spare time you will catch him playing PC games, eating chocolate biscuits and doughnuts or simply relaxing with his son.
My first computer – Commodore +4
My favourite computer – Mine, it’s personally built!
meet-the-team-2Hi, I’m Chris I have been working at Crawley Computer Centre since August 2010. My background is in CNC machining and also electronic engineering such as populating Printed Circuit Board (PCBs ) by hand, so I am familiar with taking things apart and a dab hand with a soldering iron! I repair all the tricky gadgets such as iPhones, iPads, iPods, smartphones, satellite navigation and gaming consoles. I am determined to repair anything!  In Chris’s spare time you will catch him down the shooting range practicing for the HFT national competitions, perfecting his flatland tricks on his BMX, making music or simply down his local having a cheeky beer.
My first computer – Atari
My favourite computer – Amiga 1200, 21 years old and still used daily!
meet-the-team-3Hi I’m Austin, I started as a work experience student at Crawley Computer Centre during the summer holidays and got a full time job with the company as soon as I left school in 2002. I am keen PC gamer and go to regular gaming conventions with my friends. I now build, repair and give advice on bespoke gaming machines to our customers. I am also responsible for sourcing new products for our shop, if there is something you like and we don’t stock it I will try and acquire it for you.  In Austin’s spare time you will find him out on his motorbike, working on his singing technique or supporting Manchester United Football Club, and he also plays for his local team.
My first computer – Tiny
My favourite computer – Mine, it’s personally built!
meet-the-team-4Hi I’m Barry I am the Managing Director of Crawley Computer Centre. I acquired the business in August 2007 we were in a small unit in Metcalf Way, since then we have seen the business grow from strength to strength. In January 2011 we out grew the premises and moved to Bank Precinct in Gatwick Road. It’s a family run business my wife is Karen another Director and my two daughters also help.  Barry moved to Crawley as child and has supported Crawley Town Football Club for as long as he can remember. His other passion is cars, as a young lad he was a mechanic’s apprentice then moved on to racing and even managed his own professional driving service for a time.
My first computer – Amstrad CPC 464
My favourite computer – Amstrad CPC 464, can’t beat the old ones icon_smile
meet-the-team-5Hi I’m Karen and I am a Director of Crawley Computer Centre. When we took over Crawley Computer Centre we made it our mission to get peoples computer repairs turned around in the same day or next day – if we had to order parts. We also brought in new services such as website design and development, mobile websites and apps. We also find our clients new customers using website marketing, helping their sites convert visitors into customers.  In Karen’s spare time you will find her dancing as she has been an instructor for the last 15 years. Karen also has numerous online training courses varying from creating your first website up to how to set up your dance class business. Karen if brimming with ideas and loves to help new business start ups, you will often find her with her headphones keeping up-to-date on new methods of marketing or coaching her mentees.
My first computer – Tiny
My favourite computer – A custom built computer by Crawley Computer Centre complete with 4 screens!
Crawley Computer Centre Ltd
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Just had my computer overhauled at Crawley Computer Center. Excellent, fast service and excellent value for money! I am very pleased with the work that was done to my laptop. I would recommend them to anyone thinking of having work done on their computer. Thank you Barry and team.
Mel P Ansell
I wanted to email you to thank you for recovering my data from a failed SD card. I was very concerned i had lost my childrens birthday, first day at school and my sisters wedding from the last month or so. The service was very quick well explained and I am over the moon that I can view all the pictures!

Many thanks again
James Chase
Just had my computer overhauled at Crawley Computer Center. Excellent, fast service and excellent value for money! I am very pleased with the work that was done to my laptop. I would recommend them to anyone thinking of having work done on their computer. Thank you Barry and team.
Mel P Ansell
Just to say a big thank you for fixing my laptop today in 2 hours! totally impressive – I really thought I would be without it for days…. I will definitely be recommending you. Thanks again for getting me back up and running so quickly.
Clare Irving
I had a nasty virus on a Dell Laptop that completely trashed the OS and I didn’t have the original installation disks. Thanks to you it was sorted in no time. Thanks very much for coming to the rescue and rebuilding my machine. Very quick and a great service.
Brian Hitchen
Dear Barry May I thank you – and Austin – for ‘going the extra mile’ for my 90-year old mother today, Friday. So very much appreciated. and she’s very happy now to be ‘cyber-connected’ back with everyone. I’ll pick up up the receipt somtime early next week, if that’s OK. Best regards
Well I am so pleased with my new pc it has now converted me from PC world to Crawley Computer Centre as they vwill be my local fix it shop now… Thanks Guys for great service
Charlie Paddington
Check this out !! We all think we know all there is to know about computers RIGHT !

WRONG!! There was i 8000 miles away in sunny Vietnam and to save on baggage i decided to take my Dell Notebook laptop rather than the normal one i use..

I only had one chance here as i were setting up a cctv monitoring station and was imperative that i had wireless on my laptop So i switched on and was looking for the wireless networks but there was none..well we knew it was there but after various engineers trying for over an hour my heart sank. I called my computer guys at the Crawley Computer Centre and told them my fate..He asked me if i could get on to the internet and i did via a cable.

I logged into to their website and with remote assistance he was then able to operate my laptop..”Spooky A ! ” Hey bloody presto not 30 seconds later it was all fixed..

So next time you have a problem, “remember” you only know about 2% of how they work and think “Crawley Computer Centre”
thanks guys
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